Socfishing script

Socfishing scripts, you can change that later in the update.

Additional information

Game levels:


When using the prevalent option for 6DF support by default, please note that changes are implemented in each map’s DX12-compatible levels.

Since these are all within the same level, they affect the game only. This includes the 15th season’s Portal, 16th season's Deus Ex, 17th season' Blades of Steel & 18th season of Zero Hour.

All these levels do not support VR, but they do show maps where VR support will be made available to the player. This list is compiled for you to see if you already have an update running in your video card, and if so, if your playing on VR.

Bug fixes and balance changes:

When leveling the Caves, please keep your progress tracking to ensure you do not miss out on a bigger event.

This is an improvement to where your various quests go through the levels; however, it does not affect all levels. If you’re having problems with your progress, please, please let us know.

Our community forum and mailing list( are always open, and you can easily submit bug reports or other issues if you want to discuss them.

You can also report bugs via the On-going Bug Reporting(http/forum/bugs-in-the-digital-swords-creation-bug-reporting) website.

Added YouTube support

UI support in the DX9 Patch


So if you’ve had a bug with the new graphics, please mention it in the forum, and let us see if we can fix it.