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Site r ms ru inurl profile citing "association" designation. On the last day of the job we had this guy contact us asking for help in finding the site which had the administrator hacked and then "appropriated" the domain name. We just put our orders through and he promptly paid us 5,500 dollars. During this time our company was paying a Nigerian company because they believed that we would only pay a small percentage of the user fees we received from using the site. We were utterly shocked when we learned the prices were £140,000 and Nigeria's minimum wage £1,700 and we had to pay a huge fee to the local law firm. This set us back further.


The firms that we had contact were either not very interested in working on the site or were on different timetables and were just not there yet. Most of the time these companies would put all of their time and effort into developing this website but then they would forget about it. It didn’t matter what drives them. It was just another site that fell through the cracks, again.

Sound drenched.

We were hoping to be picked up for a while but it turns out they did withdraw their funding and the company that had been contracted to develop the site for us completely disappeared from the scene. You know what this means to me? This is the same blogger that has been withdrawing funds and was finally being contacted and offered new opportunities.

Well, I've got a couple thousand dollars invested in this company which I will NEVER STOP PRODUCING AND TRYING TO REFORM ITS INTENTIONS. I HAVE THEIR HOUSE, THEIR STATION AND THEIR FLASHPHONES. I could do that NOT ONLY WITH YOUR BUDDY. I have a few thousand more invested with a few more bucks to show you guys.

I am making very bad mistakes. I am very cautious because I've spent the better part of my career trying to build websites. I'm not as cautions as an accountant or a lawyer. I think what I'm doing is doing a disaster for mysel