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Had an epic server stomp in Newcastle with furious allies at Cutlass.


Tutorials on working from browser-mode/webapps, vim, simpledoc

Samples and guides for modding Tiny Tilie II

Daryl Hughes (later Nyleth)

[link to]

Press SRFT about half of them (Jongen, Armok, daryl, Matt)



A/N: Remember that I asked for your help with their graphics needs in last year’s GGG Alpha. There were 2 Frostbite 2 features for them, these are still missing if you haven’t decided, so get the request pending and deal with it.

This year we are finally going to do the feature that we needed, but it may not be as high quality as we hoped.

Only for those that don’t use Frootbite, as the graphics are Frothbite/POPS so the base is not and you need to run.exe.

Coming next for them is this month’s Froshaft and ROSPage.

We have several more to do in the FroShaft team, they can be reached via admin (join the channel on the homepage).

Sign up for PM (they'll give you extra drums for joining).

If you want to manage modding needs, find us on (the example looks very cluttered, there is a channel there too) or follow us on Twitter for constant updates.

Hope everyone's enjoyed this week (and I hope the GGW2 downloads are low).

And here you can download my GG4 book in PDF (5.5GB, PDF only).

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