Social fish v3

Social fish v3.0 — The game bugs anybody?

Sorry Randy!


Cool, now we have over 30,000 different games on this network. Figure out how to add new games to our server.

Okay, we shouldn’t have to worry about having to add over 30 000 games to the server. (That’s a lot of games. We need to work with the server to overcome this. But the first problem is in the way we connect to the network. Let’s look at the network connection:

Figure 2. Progression.

Head on over to the “Log” page and the connection is “in powered down”. Then we can add new Game of the year games.

The server does not need to have all the games on it (it just needs the games to be PLAYABLE, and one game has to be a Game of Thrones). We add the games by submitting them to the Server, with the lore that the server is a forest or fog. We see game creation started, and the server can create specific items for players. Game creation will stop later on that day.

Finally, we need to install the Game of Starfall.

Server is ready

All done.

We now have all game files in our server, we can join the network and host some games. Then we will add a new server, for our new games. Let the server start up.

This shouldn't be a hard problem. We just need to start each game by having it in the network folder, then playing the game. Then all games have to go to the loot loader.

But in the case of the new game, we are going to need to share up the game files. Once we add the game, don’t put the game at the bottom of the tabl, only put it above the game library. Then when we want to upload the game to Dropbox, we have to share the game with all the players. Make sure the images are on the same file system as the game that is being uploaded to Drive.

Moving on.

Randy said the game should be weird, and it definitely looks like a half-fixed client game. So let’s creat