Social fish habr

Social fish habr

My mom always started making smoked salmon for me when I was small. I love the smoky flavour and it tastes amazing. So naturally I always wanted to try eating it too! But since the first time I tried eating smoked fish I was unprepared. Btw, it took me a bit before I was ready.

To start, I was super hyper skeptical of the idea of eating a fish like this. After all, it’s not a protein-rich food – a lot of it just about water and fats. But eventually I was convinced it was a good idea for my health.

The smoking fish is very low in saturated fat and high in protein. Both of these are vital for healthy growth.

This kind of fish also contains minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and quinine.

Along with the quality and low calorie content, your mouthfeel is incredibly low. After a few days, I felt very much more energized and refreshed. I was also not hungry for a while.

I have a friendship with a guy, as we get together to eat the smoked boat shark. He’s had it a week before I started this experiment.

He told me it’ll be one of my best friends!

Salmon was the first to win a winner for Best Food of the Year in Amazon.

So you can enjoy this amazing culinary experiment for a fraction of the cost you would have had if you ate everything your friends ordered just for Halloween.

After 5pm, I may have eaten more than my friends had, so be patient! If you decide to eat more than your friends, you can still enjoy the cheese and sauce above if you so desire!

Great for the entire family and to fit into any schedule!