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Soc rybiciya-3 / Image: Sedona, AZ

2. Wild Day Zero: The Prestige War

Some people say the upcoming ending of The Prowlers scared them and those of us playing it for the first time felt the same. Even though story lines shift along with time, the characters never go away. This one never fades.

The Prowler, a martial arts expert/clubboy whose cloned memory reminds Derrick the story of his father, is awakening from a sickbed at the high school in which his father has been a fugitive.

In the fall of 2014, a series of mysterious and seemingly random events takes place around the big table: after a moment of tension, the group begins assembling, in an effort to expose the person behind the catastrophic events they have uncovered.

The movie was written by Andrew Orci and directed by Bryan Singer. The story follows the beginning of 20 years after the previous two movies that the group was trying to expunge from their minds.