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“In my vision for this port, it would be a huge asset,” he said.

Five South Korean companies have registered a joint venture with Japan and South Korea to launch a port in Ilocos Norte.

The company is expected to start operations by the end of 2017.

A seaborne industrial yacht, the “Ilocon Sur” (“Emerald”) was built in Houston by the U.S. firm Submarine Systems, Inc. and officially launched on May 28 by the country’s President Park Geun-hye.

It is expected that the first ship will be launched in 2018.

Seventy percent of the total investment of Seoul and Tokyo plans to finance through leasing.

If successful, Iloko’s venture would bring South Korea’s focus to a new Atlantic seaport.

In addition, the tender is to accommodate the ipso facto requirement for the port to have a 200-kilometer (130 mile) coastline.

Iloka noted that 300 acres (12 km2) of Pacific coastline is already under construction.

South Korea is taking advantage of the environmentally friendly deal to offer this port priority.

“Ilukos Sur aims to be an investment vehicle in the industry,” said Yoon Seong-won, head of the South Korean government’s program for green port development.

Он также добавил, что Ilkon’s port would allow South Korea and Japan to pursue alternative routes, especially in the South China Sea, and be geographically not accessible by sea.

Deputy Chief Secretary Dong Jae-suk said the country has used the acquisition of the port authority for several decades.

They will open its doors in 2020, meaning South Korea will begin to promote opportunities for South Korean industry and trade.

Since 1972, Iceland has been designated as a co-cooperation port, and commenced projects in the high-tech high-speed rail project.

Once completed, it will be the largest railway port in the world.

Moreover, Icon, in cooperation with Fisheries and Oceans, has built Japan’s first international ma