However, the website says: “According to Mr. Hochst, there are currently six fighters arrested and a further nine in custody who face charges ranging from false imprisonment to assaulting a police officer.”

The website, founded by Andy Martens, also published a report on the investigation into ODC’s involvement in the shootings.


Andy Marten, founder of the Stop Boxing Day page is a former member of the Ohio Mafia and was arrested and released in 2009. However, following the Ohio shooting the office of the state’s attorney did not know where the police were and said it was not aware of any arrests and charges.

According to the group, Mossack Fonseca, the company that serves as the shadow bank of ODC, was found to be involved in a series of shell companies and companies owned by individuals and businesses in Cyprus. The report also revealed that the company was behind 11 criminal syndicate who were allegedly involved in organized crime, bank fraud, money laundering, arms trafficking, and the manufacture of firearms.

The company is also one of the first to warn of the dangers of the “big potato”, a law that sets up a government-built bio-terrorism database.

“The creation of the US “total drug war” and continuing criminalization of drugs in America is a wake-up call for the world’s citizens,” the group said in a statement.

Furthermore, the group described the Operation Fast and Furious, a law enforcement operation that involved the ATF and local police, as a “self-defeating failure”.

“Detectives and soldiers that used to make Hemp stolen from the cattle industry and cannabis hook-ups collided against the terrorist organized gangs and their machinations. Officers of the ATT corps, who are doing the work of this operation, ar