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From 1934 until the last 3 years of the war, The Electric Products Manufacturing Society in London, a trading company, formed chains of bluestone furniture stores throughout London and beyond.

Over the years, the times have changed and we now have hundreds of new sidewalks alongside Epsom Drive, in situations where the homes built more than 100 years ago were immediately before us.

In 1986, The Growth Society of Greater London and County Council gave certification status to its slogan for “Non-stop, no line, no gates”.

Partnerships and businesses grew together through the most exciting development of the borough, in the past 22 years, including Christchurch railway station, the M2 motorway, Regent’s Park, London Bridge, and the £40m Building to Lower Islington Housing project.

The Growing City continues to grow at a very fast pace.

Since January 2002, London’s population has more than doubled to 3 million.

With a population of over 2 million, London is currently the second largest city in the world.

Attempts to attract more people to the capital by more affordable housing have been unsuccessful.

London’s Business Trust has built the first £100m apartment in Stratford and low-income development is being built more and more rapidly.

New roads, bridges, railways and buses are adding to the city’s already massive footprint.

Parking is now available in more than 60,000 of our proud city buildings across the city.

Recommendations taken today are for the city and its areas of great growth.

Take a look at the Improved Stratton East Road, built under Kilburn Bridge and the newest route for bike travellers in London - Brighton Quay.

Years ago we had to struggle to get enough parking spaces for 25,000 cars and a significant number of buses and commuter trains. Now we have room for the new developments of Brightis and Beckham Park.

This building will transform London’ i